I Can Make You Sleep

Book I Can Make You Sleep

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  • Publisher : Random House
  • ISBN-13 : 1473544157
  • Page : 192 pages
  • Rating : 4.5/5 from 157 voters

I Can Make You Sleep Book Summary/Review:

IMPORTANT: IF YOUR DEVICE SUPPORTS IT, YOU WILL FIND AUDIO AND/OR VIDEO IN THIS EBOOK. IF YOUR DEVICE DOES NOT, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS TO SAVE THE MATERIALS DIRECTLY TO YOUR COMPUTER, OR TO STREAM VIA YOUR SMARTPHONE OR TABLET. _______________________________ Would you like to sleep really well? Would you like to stop your mind racing and feel calm? Would you like to stop the disruption of waking in the night? Would you like to know what to do if you wake up in the night? Would you like to be able to sleep when you want to? Would you like to awaken full of energy? THEN THIS BOOK AND AUDIO DOWNLOAD ARE FOR YOU! We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping. However, more people are suffering from insomnia than ever before. Paul Mckenna has made a remarkable 20 year study of tackling insomnia.He has developed a unique, easy system that everyone can use to improve the quality of their sleep. In this book he shows you how easy exercise and simple changes in your thinking and behaviour can have a significant impact on your sleep. This book also comes with a hypnosis download that re-sets your body's natural sleep mechanism so that you will automatically find it easier to get deep restful sleep and have energy to achieve what you want and improve your overall of quality of your life. THIS EBOOK CONTAINS A CODE TO DOWNLOAD THE HYPNOSIS AUDIO.

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